“Barangay Natumolan is a model barangay with law abiding citizens where truth, justice, love, equality and integrity is its norm of life.”

“To create awareness and restoration of the moral values in all sectors of our society.”

Barangay Natumolan is one of the 10 barangays of the Municipality of Tagoloan, Province of Misamis Oriental with an area of 622.35.27 H.

Barangay Natumolan is compose of 5  Sitios with 26 Zones , namely:Sitio El Mundo (9 Zones) , Sitio El Salvador (2 Zones),Sitio Boulevard (6 Zones), Sitio Maribojoc & Manuyo (2)and Centro Natumolan (7 Zones)

2017 Barangay Natumolan has a population of 7,936

Total No. of Families  2425
Total No. of Household  2214
Registered PWD  80
Senior Citizen387457844

Population by Age and Sex

Under 16260
65 above233276

Barangay Natumolan  has Four (4) Child Development Center and One (1) Rural Improvement Club Children Center.  It has Two (1) complete Public Elementary School with Day Care Center inside school  premises and Two (2)  Private Elementary School.

Health Center is located at Zone 1 Natumolan, Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental where Barangay Midwife , NDP’s , Barangay Health Workers (BHW) , and Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS) are on duty during Mondays to Fridays. They delivered services likes Pre-natal, Check-up, Vitamin A distribution , Immunization and other related services. Barangay since 2011Natumolan Barangay Council headed by Punong Barangay Gomer A. Sabio initiatively delivered services such as  Blood Letting , Operation Tuli  and Medical Mission.

Peace and Order in Barangay Natumolan have been maintained with our 18 Barangay Tanods who conducted roving and rendered duties from Mondays to Sundays.Natumolan Barangay Council strongly support with the Anti-Drug Campaign of President Rodrigo RoaDuterte  wherein 200 more or less drug dependents who voluntarily surrendered to the  Barangay Office and to Tagoloan Police Station. September 23, 2017 was our First batch Community Based Rehabilitation Program (CBRP) to surrenderee (CBRP). It is a 4 month plan functional recovery outreach program and to restore and protect the well-being of recovering individuals and their families.

Corn is the most major crops in the barangay .Presence of Backyard  gardens , vegetables , fruits and root crops are basically for consumption only.

As a preview , the History of Barangay NatumolanTagoloan, Misamis Oriental can be traced back to the 1940’s. As early as 1940, Barangay Natumolan was called sitio Ilaya , wherein only few families lived as original residents. The land area was owned by the elite persons and most of them are living in Poblacion of Tagoloan. When the Spaniards came , they made this place a hiding place especially during the 2nd World War. Sitio Ilaya was forest before we could see different big trees growing which can still be seen today. Since it has a river nearby , the residents used to catch different kind of fishes aside from hunting birds and animals as means of living. Ilaya is the center of all Sitios , and their boundary is the river and the mountain. The earliest inhabitants were the following families : the NERI’s , ASIÑERO’s , BADE’s, LLANARES’s , SABIO’s , PAGARA’s , NANAY’s , TADEO’s , SENO’s and QUINQUIÑO’s. In their time , SitioIlaya whose population was very small and was not sufficient enough to qualify to become a Barangay, but still they have a political leader called Teniente Del Barrio// one of the tales of this Sitio was a dream of an elderly woman that part of the mountain will become a Volcano. She thus interpreted her dream that it was a message to put a chapel to that portion of a mountain , so that it will not become an active Volcano. A chapel was then built and until now still exist and visited by the people especially during Lenten season. It is named Sta. Cruz chapel and they celebrate its Fiesta every 3rd day of May.

In 1958 to 1968 MR. ARISTOTELES C. NERI SR. was appointed as Tenientedel Barrio. It was during the leadership that the residents passed making SitioIlaya as a Barangay. It was taken and approved.

SitioIlaya was converted into a Barangay named Natumolan , which means “NAUMOL NA NATO”the Municipality of Tagoloan Province of Misamis Oriental presented it during the session of the board for it become a regular Barrio on motion of Vice Governor CONCORDIO C. DIEL and it was duly seconded by board members PERFERIO T. BORROMEO ,  FELICISIMO B. AGUILA and ALEJANDRO D. UY , reserved to approved as hereby approved. The said petition of the residents of Barangay Natumolan during that time to become a regular Barrio they must have to meet the requirements provided for in.

ART. 2 SEC. 3 of R.A 3590 otherwise had known the Barrio Charter the seat of Barrio Government. The Board furnished certified copies of the Resolution No. 469 , the Municipality Council , Municipal Mayor of Tagoloan , Misamis Oriental and the Provincial Development Officer of Cagayan de Oro City for their information and appropriate action of the said Resolution at the Board Session Hall Cagayan de Oro City. It was then approved by Barangay Natumolan to become a regular Barangay and its Charter Day or “ARAW NG NATUMOLAN” is celebrated every 29th of July.

In 1968 ,CELSO GATO  MANTO the Ist Barangay Captain after Natumolan was proclaimed a regular Barangay. In his time Del Monte Philippines was established and hired laborers that planted BANANAS , PAPAYAS , CUCUMBER , GRAPES , GUAVAS  and other products that can accommodate in the plantation. The said plantation made the residents as their living source of income , Barangay Captain CELSO G. MANTO’s term ends in 1971.

In 1971-1980 Barangay Captain WENICO DALAPAG PAGARA followed and he comtinued what Manto had started. Strived and work hard to become more progressive Barangay. In his time aggregates and Industries started.

In 1980 to 1989 Barangay Captain PAQUITO VALDEHUEZA SABIO served as the next leader. In his time Barangay Natumolan’s population increased so fast due to relocation from other Barangay’s that PHIVIDEC INDUSTRIAL ESTATE demolished after they bought properties in Barangays Mohon , Sta. Cruz and Gracia.

In 1989-1992 Barangay Captain REY MARTINEZ ADIS led as the Fourth leader but due to  some problems he was advised to resign and upon his resignation the 1st Councilor SIXTO O. VALDEHUEZA took over place until 1994.

Barangay Captain LAMBERTO SENO NERI was elected in 1994 and he was an active leader. Natumolan in his time has five (5) Sitios and divided into Twenty Seven (27) Zones. Sitios are Centro Natumolan with five (5) Zones , Sitio Boulevard with seven (7) Zones , Sitio El Mundo with Eight (8) Zones , SitioMaribojoc with five (5) Zones , Sitio El Salvador and Malaiba.It has two (2) Elementary Schools , Natumolan Elementary School (NES) with seven (7) teachers and Maribojoc Elementary School (MES) with four (4) Teachers. Natumolan has a population of almost Seven Thousand (7,000)  under his leadership, more Industrial companies entered in the Barangay because of the large vacant area and the Peace and Order that this place now. Barangay Natumolan is receiving an IRA of about 1.3 Million every year.

On June 2007 Ist Councilor EUGENE ASIÑERO PALAPO took over the place of Captain LAMBERTO S. NERI since he was running for Municipal Councilor here in our Town Tagoloan. On October of same year EUGENE A. PALAPO win as Punong Barangay during the synchronized Barangay and SK election and Hanjin entered in Tagoloan who helped a lot of our Youth enhance their skills and give employment

In the year 2010, GOMER ANINON SABIO wins as Punong Barangay without an opponent. Four (4) newly elected Barangay Officials namely : Barangay KagawadNilo M. Micabalo, Barangay KagawadEmmanuel S. Vacalares, Barangay KagawadRoldan A. Sabio including Punong Barangay Gomer A. Sabio donated their honoraria up to this present.

Out of this donation’s programs, projects and activities contributed much for the  Purchase of Ambulance , Purchase of Fiber Glass (El Mundo Basketball Court) , electrical installation to various zones , Purchase of Sound System , Aircon and Television , Construction/Rehabilitation of drainage/canal , Construction of Day Care Center and Basketball Court  Sitio El Salvador , Water Installation (Natumolan Elementary School), Christmas Activities (Christmas Tree making Contest, Cleanest and Beautification Contest by zone) Barangay Fiesta , Arawng Barangay , Basketball and Volleyball league , conducted Operation Tuli and Blood Letting.

During his administration major projects were being implemented Construction of Multi purpose Hall , Construction of Day Care Center , Construction of Health Center , Construction of Disaster Storage Room , Construction of Senior Citizen Building , Construction of El Mundo Stage and Fencing.

And out of External Sources were : Construction of Covered Court in El Mundo , Construction of Dike , Road Concreting going to Natumolan Barangay Hall and road going to National Grid Corporation (NGCP) and Construction of Elementary School building in Natumolan Elementary School. During his leadership new Business Establishments invested in our Barangay such as JAS Trucking Services , Solar Philippines , Fast Services and ARChemicals Inc. Biodiesel plant. Barangay Natumolan also received various awards on Blood letting activity :Sandugo Award and Masigasig Award.

In  year 2019 Rafael P. Vidal was became a Punong Barangay through the succession since Gomer A. Sabio won as Mayor of the Municipality of Tagoloan. Under  his administration he continued to implement the major project like: improvement/rehabilitation to old health center, (centro), constructed/rehabilitation for Basketball Court. In his administration he initiate to construct path ways concreting until now he continued the projects.

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